Borea Quartzheart


Owner and matriarch of a Dwarven merchant family. Very serious about her business, but has a soft spot (which she tries not to let show) for music and fantastic stories.

Borea’s most recent job involved delivering a finely-crafted, possibly magical Coronation Scepter to the Kaelish capital for Prince Alphonse’s coronation. This journey ended in tragedy when the caravan was attacked by a band of Shadowlings and the Tangler, an unnatural magical plant beast. Borea’s two companions, Svenson Grimaxe and Moradan Quartzheart, were killed in the assault.

The scepter was stolen and subsequently lost, not only jeopardizing Borea’s business, but possibly straining relations between the human kingdom of Kaelyn and the nearby dwarf clans.

Borea has parted ways with the heroes, and on very poor terms.


Borea Quartzheart

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