The Masterworks

day 1 log
  • Svenson is carried off in the night and we find strange tracks leading toward the forest.
  • The scepter we are supposed to be protecting is also gone. We see dead vines everywhere headed in a specific direction. Jon falls into what we learn is a gnomish complex.
  • We encounter rust monsters that eat the metal weapons. Then we explore the complex, first finding the thaumaturgy lab, including a hatch that leads into another room. We also find an amulet and later find out that it allows Jon to read gnomish.
  • We walk back along the hallway and find the room with the Tangler and Svenson, who is now dead. We try conventional attacks with the tangler and none work so john uses the explosive casks in the thomaturgy lab to explode the tangler.
  • Beyond the tangler’s room, we find two things: shadow creatures and a large piece of clockwork machinery. We defeat some of the shadow creatures but they almost kill Finlie and while we are protecting/healing her, the shadow creatures escape into some manner of mystical gateway with the scepter.
  • The clockwork machinery is blaring a warning klaxon at us by this point and we manage to locate a clockwork that finley is able to activate with a mysterious cube she found earlier. We tell the clockwork to fix the machine and he does.
  • As we exit the complex, there is a long debate over whether finley should keep the clockwork robot (“he’s so cute!!!!” she squeals repeatedly) but she ultimately decides to deactivate him but keep the cube. We go home and tell borea the results and she seems none to happy, although not nearly as surprised as we were.

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