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Welcome to The Masterworks!

This is a Dungeon World campaign front, meant to be started with level 1 characters. I expect it to run as a series of one-off adventures with an overarching storyline. Since this may not be a weekly (or even semi-regular) game, I want every adventure front to have a set beginning and ending.

The Masterworks is set in my own realm. Currently, I have only conceived of the small kingdom of Kaelyn, and more importantly, the free city of Hillcrest that may become home to the adventurers. I have not fleshed out the rest of the world, but that’s part of the fun of Dungeon World. For now, consider it to be “standard” high fantasy in theme and setting.

For character creation, we’re using only the basic classes from the Dungeon World guide.

The populace of this region is primarily human, but other races live in the area. Gnomes are extinct in the world due to a self-inflicted apocalypse long ago.

Be sure to take a look at the wiki. It will be updated with background information on the people and places that make up the lands of Kaelyn.

Home Page

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